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How can this be?, I thought yesterday while I was reading an article in my feedly. It's impossible, as far as I know we were living in the best country in the world, al least I remembered having read that statement in somewhere at some time. But in fact, after I have read the article in my hands I realize that undoubtly we were not living at this moment.

The article was titled "word happiness report 2013", and was written by a group of experts from Columbia university,Canada. They report that Denmark is , at the moment, in the first position of happiness in the world, in contras with Spain which ranks 23. The committe pinted six variables that influence life evaluation.

This committee pointed six variables that influences in the global feeling of people happiness. Three of them increase positive feeling, in numer one freedom to make choices, in the second place social support and in the third generosity. One variable which increase negative feeling  was perceptions of corruption and two more variable that have influence in global terms , GPI per capital and health life expectancies at bird.

According to the last "informe de evolucion de la familia" in Spain, published by the Instituto de Políticas Sociales,in the last twenty years Spain had decreased the births in 9,1%, in spite of the increase populations in 9 millions. At the moment the average of children per family is 1,46, in contras with Denmark where is 1,84.

What is happening in Spain?. According with this study, there are no first level governmental institution concerned and consequently there are no joint plans for family issues. Moreover while Europe devotes to policies that support families 2,2 per cent of GDP, Spain only 1,2 percent. Child care benefits are in Spain 27 euros per month to families with less than 11000 euros annual income while in Denmark all families can access a allowance of 133 euros per month. Last but least we only have16 weeks of maternity leave in Spain in contrast to 6 months in Denmark.

Form all of this, perhaps we have sunny days and celebrations every weekend starting on Thursday, but our social politics suppor need to improve to give security and we'll being to the people who lives here.

Due to all this reasons, despite the sun and the beaches, we need to improve our social policy and family support which included educational policies, in order to improve the well being of our people.


Word happiness report 2013.

Informe de la familia Española 2012


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